Welcome to Energy Healer NH

Welcome to Energy Healer NH

Welcome to Energy Healer NHWelcome to Energy Healer NHWelcome to Energy Healer NH

Pat's clients say...


Sue M.

Patricia is an amazing healer! I am so grateful for my time with her. With her counseling, guidance, and energy healing I was able to clear several emotional blocks that were causing me physical pain. Although I have more work to do, Patricia has given me the opportunity to allow even more healing of this body. Thank you Patricia!

Trish, Beverly MA

If you're feeling stuck in your life and wondering why the same things keep happening, why you're going through the same old patterns and nothing seems to be changing...you've come to the right place. I have been seeing Pat for a year and a half and the person I am today is profoundly different than when I started.  I was afraid of change and paralyzed by anxiety and a regular therapist was just not enough for me. I wasn't conscious of why my life was this way but I knew I needed a change and I needed answers. When I met Pat I knew I had a long journey ahead of me. 

Today, a year and a half later, I am no longer on anxiety medication and I am living my daily life without fear and my anxiety is gone. I owe it all to Pat for helping me to discover my true soul self and realizing what I was so afraid of. With that knowledge, I was able to face and heal these old wounds with her help. 

Kristy, Campton NH

I sustained a severe quad muscle tear in 2017 and was put on crutches and a full leg brace by the orthopedist. The pain and swelling were incredible! I saw Pat for the purpose of healing that injury. After the first treatment, I immediately noticed a huge difference in both pain and swelling. I had four healings over a three week period of time. This injury was said to be a 6-8 week recovery period by the orthopedic. I went back to work as a fire fighter and EMT within 3.5 weeks. with no pain or swelling. The Orthopedic was amazed!!!

Jessica, Manchester NH

I've been seeing Pat for years now and she has brought me further in my healing journey than any therapist could have. I've accomplished more in a dozen sessions with her than a decade of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Maureen, Concord NH

I am thankful the universe lead me to Pat for my first reading.  I felt at ease from the beginning, as she was very gifted & warm.  She explained in detail the messages she was receiving.  She immediately knew that I had issues with my throat chakra, which was part of my inability to express myself and realize my full truth. I now believe that I am on the right path & I have more courage to move forward with my healing journey.


Pat is such a deeply intuitive person. She gave me a comprehensive reading covering many different aspects of my life.  It was a moving, life-affirming  experience that gave me great insight and made me feel validated on a soul level.